Errors Codes

This API is implemented as a Restful API, which means that the application errors are returned with the proper non 200 OK HTTP Response.
The RealTime SMS v.2 API uses the following error codes:

Error Codes

Error Code
Bad Request -- Your request is invalid. SMS API returns this error in cases of malformed data in your request, such as incorrect client credentials or access token format, e.t.c. Such errors never specify errors such as incorrect client credentials (but in correct format).
Unauthorized -- Either your client credentials are not valid or your access_token is expired and you should perform the authentication, again.
Forbidden -- You have tried to access a not allowed operation for your account.
Not Found -- If your URL is correct, then you will get this error in Get Sms Info operation, when the submission id you supplied is incorrect. As a result, the specified SMS message could not be found.
Method Not Allowed -- If you attempt to perform an API call operation using the wrong method. For example, if an operation needs a POST request and you perform a PUT request, you should see this error.
Not Acceptable -- Currently, SMS API returns this type of error when the SMS Sender you have entered in your Send SMS operation, either is in wrong format, or is not allowed for use in your account.
Too Many Requests -- Possibly a threshold limit is applied to your account.
Internal Server Error -- We had a problem with our server. Try again later.
Service Unavailable -- Mostly like error no. 500, this error usually specifies a temporary error in our systems. At most cases, you don't need to take any action since everything should work as expected, moments later.
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